Aquatic water canyoning

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Canyoning is an activity that moving up, down and across canyons, rivers, river beds or mountains clifts formed by water erosion. The way down acroos a canyon or so is by jumping, walking, sliding, swimming or performing maneuvers attached with security ropes. All this through waterfalls, natural slides, water holes or other hazards of the river. Canyoning is practiced with or without water sources.


– Initiate the participant in the basic techniques of canyoning.
– Know the basic necessary material for canyoning.
– Recognize the different geological features found in a canyoning and their origins.
– Promote the consideration of the natural environment as a sports and recreational space, facilitating its enjoyment by the participants of the activity.


not included. (cost of 10 euros / person for transport, after consulting available places).

It includes:

Neoprene suit, water boots, accident insurance, Civil liability insurance and specific material (helmet, harness, descendant, anchor line).


Not suitable for pregnant women, or people with vertigo.


45 euros per person, minimum of 3 people.

All the specific materials, such as wetsuist, helmet, vest, amphibious boots and accidental insurance coverage.

When can the activity be done?

Anytime scheduled by Tramuntana Aventura (check out our activity calendar) or if you are 4 or more people the day that best suits you (check availability).

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