Our experience is based on many years organizing outdoor activities of all kinds, with thousands of friends satisfied with our way of organizing things.

We do not want to be right, or bored, or do what everyone does. In Tramuntana we seek to give a twist, go further and surprise you with a unique experience.

We adapt to the type of activity that you demand and not the other way around, so we always have the right personnel for all kinds of activities. And since their work is their passion, they will always have patience and a smile to give you.

All our activities have accident insurance as well as liability insurance, but more important than that are the security protocols we use to minimize all types of risks.

Roger Costa



Alicia Sirvent

Responsible for “Tramuntana Solidario”

Vicente Devesa

Director of Projects


Francesco Sturiale

Official Tourism Guide


Raúl Vicedo

Responsible for activities


Santiago Ceña

Responsible for activities

Carlos Munuera

Responsible for communication

Nuria Orgiles

Official Tourism Guide