A path to discover. PR-CV 165 Alto de don Pedro

It is not one of the emblematic peaks of Alicante such as the Puig Campana, Aitana, Montcabrer or Cabeço d’Or among others, known to the general public, it is a simple summit to access but with a very beautiful and surprising environment.

If we do the complete path, we will enjoy an entertaining route, where we will travel through the different environments, from areas of pine forests, umbria, crop area, boulevards, ….. and combination of tracks, paths, more broken roads, zig- zag very well drawn ….

One thing that catches the attention of this route is the route of ascent to the summit, since without ceasing to ascend, the ascent becomes very pleasant and little by little you arrive at it without much effort. Then in it the views are spectacular. A route that is worth it.

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