Alicante, medieval and baroque.

Discover the history of Alicante through the centuries, from the Medina Laquant (origin of the city) to the baroque city of the 18th century.

We will visit:

  • Explanade de España: Puerta del Mar, Casa Carbonell and other outstanding buildings.
  • Palace Conde de Lumiares.
  • Paseo de Ramiro: wall and coastal defenses.
  • Town Hall Square: City Hall and the Discovered City.
  • The Medina Laquant: houses of the nobility, Camino de Santiago, Basilica of Santa María.
  • Casa de la Asegurada, Plaza del Puente, Cara del Moro.
  • San Roque neighborhood (houses of the eighteenth century stonemasons, San Roque hermitage …).
  • Barrio de Santa Cruz (humble 19th century houses, streets decorated with flowerpots and flowers, wall, hermitage of Santa Cruz and viewpoints).
  • Plaza de San Cristóbal (old walls).
  • Labradores Street: Baroque mansions.
  • Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás. End of the visit at Plaza Abad Penalva.

Meeting point: Explanada del Puerto Tourist Office,

Marina deportiva, Muelle de Levante 6, 03001 Alicante

Hours and duration.

11:00 to 13:00, approximately 2 hours.

Timing able to fit your schedule.



Possibility to having your tour in Spanish, French, Italian and Valencian.


2 people, 15 euros per person.

From 3 people, 10 euros per person.

Children under 10 years inclusive, free Groups consult.

It includes.

• Official guide throughout the whole tour.

• Outside and inside visits (depending on availability).

• Accident and liability insurance.

Adapted visit.

Baby carriages, wheelchairs …