Olympic Games on the Beach

The Olympic Games on the Beach consist of performing different kind of games and tests by joining staff members different teams, in front of a wonderful scenario: the Mediterranean Sea.

Around this tests, several teams will be assigned to compete among themselves, which will obtain points according to the time invested achieving the test. As the activity continues, teams will come together, forming even larger groups, with the ultimate goal of making the whole group self conscience of unity and team value.

It will end with a test in which all the participants will form a single group, and together they will pursue a common goal: the conquest of the Olympic Games on the Beach.

In this activity we want to promote the unity of the team, reinforce the feeling to be part of a group and that each and every one of the participants contribute with their best qualities for the sake of global achievement, in which there will be no rivals to face off, if not partners from the same company.

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