1. The USER may exercise the right of withdrawal during the fourteen (14) calendar days following the date of purchase, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations, provided that he has not made use of the contracted service.
  2. However, the right of withdrawal described in the previous paragraph shall not apply in the case of acquisition of tickets for shows, lotteries, raffles or any other events once they have been held. Neither the plans of escapes, restoration or leisure activities that have a specific date or period of execution and determined in the offer can be returned. In the case of breaches, when they do not have a specific date or period of execution and determined in the offer, the right of withdrawal may be exercised in the terms of the previous paragraph provided that the USER had not proceeded to contact the establishment to make the corresponding reservation, in which case it would have to be in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the establishment in question. However, once the cancellation of a reservation by an establishment has been accepted, the USER could, if still within the legal withdrawal period, exercise said right.
  3. In the case of having purchased aquatic, motor, multi-adventure or aerial activities, the USER may desist from the contracted services and depending on the advance in which the cancellation occurs, he is entitled to the following refund:

    Up to 15 days before departure: 90% refund

    Up to 10 days before departure: 85% refund

    Up to 3 days before departure: 75% refund

    Up to 48 hours prior to departure: 65% refund

    Up to 24 hours prior to departure: 40% refund

    Within 24 hours prior to departure: return 0.

    If not presented at the time scheduled for departure, the consumer will not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.


    In the event that Tramuntana Aventura cancels the activity or service for any reason not attributable to the consumer, the latter will have the right to reimbursement of the amounts paid, or to the performance of the service or activity on another day.


    There will be no obligation to compensate the consumer when the cancellation of the activity or service is due to reasons of force majeure, meaning such circumstances and unpredictable outside control of the company (including weather conditions), whose consequences could not have been avoided despite having acted with due diligence. In this case you will receive a voucher for the same amount paid, to exchange it on another date throughout the season or the refund of the amount paid.


    1. The USER, to exercise the right of withdrawal must notify its decision to withdraw from the contract through an unequivocal statement sent by email to the address You must indicate the email address used for the purchase and the coupon voucher code. In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication relating to the exercise by this party of this right be sent before the corresponding deadline expires. Tramuntana Adventure will answer the USER within a maximum period of seventy two (72) hours specifying the precise instructions to carry out the return of the same.


    1. Tramuntana Adventure will make the full refund free of charge of the amount of the leisure offer in the same account used by the USER for the payment of the same and, in any case, no later than fourteen (14) calendar days from of the day on which Tramuntana Aventura has been informed of the decision of withdrawal by the USER.


    1. Return of products: any claim for lack of delivery or error in the same will have to be notified within a maximum period of 8 days from the date of shipment of the material.


    The client will not have the right to request a refund if he has not communicated the error / defect by sending an e-mail to the Customer Service Department within 24 hours of receiving the order to inform us of the problem.


    The Customer must examine the Products as soon as possible after receipt to verify their conformity with the type of Product that is the object of the order and the absence of apparent or hidden defects in the same. In any case, after receiving the Products, the Customer will have a period of 24 hours. to claim Tramuntana Aventura for a possible difference in the type of Products delivered with those requested or for the existence of an apparent defect in them. If the Customer detects a possible internal or non-apparent defect in the Products, the time limit available to claim Tramuntana Adventure will be 3 days after receipt.