Speleology is the science studying caves. A mixture of science and adventure activity. Discovering the secrets of the inside of our planet. Spectacular rock formations that are the source of what we see every day on the Earth surface.

In the mountains of Alicante there are many caves, both progression horizontal and vertical. Discovering the underground world of narrow paths, dark wells… stalactites, stalagmites and endless lava formations, will be our partners to help us discovering and understanding the wonderful underground world.


40 euros per person (Cova de la Sarsa, Cova Fosca).

45 euros per person (Sumidor, Vallada).

  • Discounts for groups of 10 or more people.


not included. (cost of 10 euros / person for transport, after consulting available places).


Not recommended for people with claustrophobia, vertigo, dizziness and / or pregnant women.


Equipment and accidental insurance coverages.

When can the activity be done?

Anytime scheduled by Tramuntana Aventura (check out our activity calendar) or if you are 4 or more people the day that best suits you (check availability).

Request a budget without obligation